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Nervous Conditions

After taking heavy drugs for a long time I lost my sense of balance and developed a problem with my eyesight. Neurological tests revealed nerve damage to the rods and cones of my eyes meaning I couldn’t appreciate colour and contrast. The whole world looked unreal and vague. I was told that nerves can fix themselves, but unfortunately they never did.

I lived with this depressing situation for the next 10 years, developing regular panic attacks, general anxiety and more recently tinnitus. I went to see Julian for my tinnitus as I had read that he helped people with this problem. I presumed there there was no cure for my eyesight. I was a nervous wreck when I went for my first treatment.

He took my case history and then touched my feet. Immediately I felt like I was gliding. Then he touched the base of my spine and I sank into what felt like a very deep sofa - it felt like I was sinking into a deep state of tripping. I stopped the treatment immediately as this was the last feeling on earth I wanted to to feel. I was overwhelmed initially as I sensed a profound change. It was like a bit of me had been put back! Everything looked larger than life and out of proportion.

As I got in the car and drove back to my office in Ladbroke grove I realised that I could see the world close up and crystal clear. The colours were vibrant again, the contrast as clear as a new digital TV. Everything in front of me looked so real. It was the difference between night and day - as if someone had turned the lights on, and unblocked the tubes that gave me normal eyesight again. I felt elated, but worried that it may not last - but it has. It was all very overwhelming.

Now, many months later I have settled back to where I was before I took drugs. I feel calmer, more grounded, and enjoy seeing the world as I had done before the nerve damage. I feel alive, more with it, and less analytical about my own sense of being. My tinnitus has improved. I even got on an aeroplane for the first time in ten years and didn’t have a panic attack.

The treatment has changed my life, mainly in the first two minutes! I hope others with similar problems get to hear about it.


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On 12th May I brought my son (3 1/2 years old and severely deaf) to his first appointment with you.

I was amazed initially by the fact that I didn't have to take part in the session, although I was present the whole time. In contrast to the Chinese Doctor and the Osteopath, where at times I had to literally hold him down, you made contact with him as an individual and managed to treat him entirely at his own consent.

I was personally moved by the experience and saw an incredible change in Ford after the treatment. He felt much lighter, his hearing improved, he seemed much less fatigued and his behaviour changed from very difficult - that of a chronically unwell child - to calm and easy-going, even joyful.

On the 19th of May, Ford came to his second treatment enthusiastically, and without prompting retook his position in the toy-basket where his first treatment had been, and placed your hands over his ears.

I had the very strong impression that this treatment was a profound healing experience for Ford. In the days that followed this treatment he slept a great deal and by the 24th May he was transformed -his health had greatly improved.

He is now going to school in good health and doing very well.

It goes without saying that we found you to be a highly professional and sensitive practitioner at all times."


My husband has had Parkinson's Disease for many years and recently has had difficulty getting in and out of chairs and also bed.

He also experienced "freezing" (no messages getting from his brain to his feet and legs) and losing his balance.

We were then introduced to Julian and Cranial Therapy and the response has been amazing.

My husband is more alert and can concentrate for longer periods and his "freezing" and mobility are so much better.

Mrs K of Sussex

Aches and pains

The three treatments that you’ve given me this year have produced the most amazing results for my eyes. Last October I had a bad ear infection which meant for the first time in 6 years I had to take powerful antibiotics. I noticed my eyesight deteriorating around this time particularly at night.

Earlier in the year I had had successful Laser Eye Surgery in Los Angeles which was a wonderful liberation from wearing contact lens. I had been myopic since being a teenager, when I wore glasses occasionally but by my twenties I had graduated to wearing contact lens all the time. For the first time in my life I am now seeing vistas and views in the distance that I’ve never seen before even though I’ve passed that way many times.

Its as if you’ve released a tightness on the left side of my skull that has allowed me to open up and consequently allows the eyes to see. Every day brings ‘treats’ offering me new things to see.

No one knows how much anyone else can see and as a myopic person you accept the small view offered to you by your eyes. When you see how much more there is, it is truly shocking to realise that you’ve been shuffling about like Mole in Wind in the Willows.

Many thanks Julian for taking me on this voyage of discovery. Your gentleness and skill has allowed this all to happen.



"Thanks for sending me your paper on "Tinnitus, Adrenaline and Craniosacral Therapy". Believe me, I'm convinced!

From late June, all through July and August, into September, wherever I was, I was virtually free of the thing (tinnitus), and I have no hesitation in acribing that to the therapy and in thanking you for it.

There was a return when I got back to school but the odd thing is that it doesn't really bother me!! I seem to be able to ignore it, simply because I know that it can vanish.


"I have suffered head pain 24 hours a day for the last 38 years along with fairly severe tinnitus.

So far I have had 5 sessions of Craniosacral Therapy durign the course of which the tinnitus symptoms have been greatly reduced as well as the head pain. I am sure with patience and further treatment the improvements will continue.

I am very impressed and deeply grateful for the understanding, dedication and skill of Mr Cowan Hill which is helping to mke my life much less stressful and more painfree."


"I had shingles which left me with tinnitus in October 2005, I had lots of tests and was told their was nothing they could do for me, there was no cure for it. I was feeling very depressed and my daughter went on to the internet to find someone who could help me with tinnitus. She found Julian's website. I went for a consultation. He recommended five sessions of therapy. After the first two I started to feel a bit better and when I had finished all the sessions I felt a lot better.

I am pleased to say I have made a full recovery. The tinnitus hasn't gone completely but Julian helped me to live with it and not let it overtake my life which it was doing."

Alan - Cab Driver in London

"The therapy also helps me a lot,

to reduce my headache, before I got headache almost everyday, now, at least, once a month,

my therapist says that i am completely out of my body, and yes that is true,

feeling lighter after each session,

For my case, my T is still ups and down, I note down moments when the sound of T is low, moments when I really enjoy myself, do something calming, think of nothing, but then it can get back to the high tones when I am worried like weeks of exams, or when I am tired, like in your case, but when you can get rid of it, i can only reduce the volume, by taking rest, really hope someday i will let go of it completely too..

Thanks a lot"


A woman from Paris

"For me Julian was something of a life saver.

At the onset of my T, I got very little sleep, the T was extremely loud, like a referees whistle. Conventional medical opinion and action was not helping-if anything made it worse, as they took a very pessimistic view. I became desperate and depressed, in fact I had been pushed to the point of contemplating suicide, just to rid my life of the noise.

Then I came across Julians site and found the first good news I had seen about T. I booked a treatment and for the first time in months my Tinnitus lessened. This encouraged me a great deal, and I pursued a course of treatments.

During that time my T became less loud and then sometimes went altogether-what a relief that was. Now, some three years later, my T has almost gone-I have extended periods of no T, and I have not had a bad episode of T for a good 10 months. I am now confident that with a bit more time, I will not have T at all."


Designer London

How you cured my tinnitus from halfway across the world

Several years ago, I began to experience tinnitus and became very depressed as a result. (I am a musician and a meditator, so I value both my hearing and silence.) I fought it and fought it, went to specialist after specialist, and of course no help could be offered.

Through random searching, stumbled upon your video, "How to Let Go of Tinnitus by Julian Cowan Hill". As soon as you suggested that tinnitus could be thought of as a friend, a tingle went down my spine, a lightbulb lit over my head--it just clicked! Of course! This radical paradigm shift had an IMMEDIATE effect. I've not since been bothered by my tinnitus, although it comes up now and again, and I greet it as an old friend. "Oh, there you are again! What do you have to tell me this time?"

I'm now a therapist who uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. I trace my interest to such an approach to your video. (And actually, I hadn't been able to find the video for the longest time, and just today rediscovered it. Hence this email.) That simple shift--changing my relationship with the "problem" rather than trying to fight or avoid the "problem"--I've experienced as a truly profound, empowering way to approach many of life's ills, and now I work to bring this experience to my clients.

Anyway, as a fellow clinician, I just wanted to send some appreciation your way. You've had a huge impact on my life, and now the lives of my clients, so thank you!


Cheers, Shane

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